Multi-Millet Noodles

Urnik – Multi-Millet Wheat Noodles are a wholesome and nutritious option for noodle enthusiasts. These noodles are crafted from a blend of high-quality wheat flour and a selection of nutrient-rich millet grains, resulting in a satisfying texture and enhanced nutritional value. The noodles offer a subtle nutty flavor, making them a versatile and healthy choice for various culinary creations.

  • Made from a blend of high-quality wheat flour and nutrient-rich millet grains.
  • Offers a wholesome and satisfying texture.
  • Enhanced nutritional value due to the inclusion of millet grains.
  • Subtle nutty flavor adds a delightful taste to dishes.
  • Versatile ingredient suitable for a wide range of culinary applications.
  • Provides a nutritious alternative to regular noodles with the addition of millet grains.
  • Suitable for individuals seeking whole grain and nutrient-dense food options.
  • Quick and convenient to cook, making it suitable for busy individuals.
  • Can be enjoyed by both adults and children as a delicious and nourishing meal or snack.
  • A great way to incorporate the health benefits of millet into your diet.